Defeat doesn’t finish a man, quitting does: 2017 Season Report


This is Ryan Loh again, and this time I’ll be writing a report on a season that went from 0 to an ending total of 328 Championship Points, and culminated with a 4-3 finish as I stumbled at the final Swiss hurdle of Worlds 2017 Day 1.

This season has been a satisfying one, and I’m happy I saw it through to the end. The story begins with Worlds 2016. Continue reading “Defeat doesn’t finish a man, quitting does: 2017 Season Report”

From the Ashes – T8 SG Open III


It’s me, the Grandmaster.

This will be a simple team report, without war-stories.

This story began on the plane ride home after a devastating X-3 drop at the Malaysian Regionals. I was sitting with two other mates, and lamenting my crushing defeats. What was I doing wrong?

“You weren’t playing to your strengths. Ever since the start of your season, you’ve been obsessed with finding a perfect new core to work with. You play with hard reads, not defensive switching.”

Those words from Matt rang true. I hadn’t been playing to my strengths.

This wasn’t a long conversation. It was, after all, only a flight from Kuala Lumpur back to Singapore. It did move to an often overlooked Pokemon – Pheromosa.

Continue reading “From the Ashes – T8 SG Open III”

Electro Balling to 3rd – a 3rd place LatAm Seniors Report

Report posted on behalf of Matthias (@Mattadome02).

Hey guys, I’m Matthias Teo and I play in the Seniors division, where I recently got 3rd at the 2017 Latin America International Championships. With it being my first year playing VGC with a competitive mindset and a hunger for the World Championships, I thought it would be a pretty good idea to write about the choices I made in the season up ‘till now, both in my play and in teambuilding. Continue reading “Electro Balling to 3rd – a 3rd place LatAm Seniors Report”

Ballooning with the Hiao Lele – Oceania Internationals 2017 Top 32 Report


Greetings to all, I’m Martin Tan, also known among my peers in the Singapore VGC community as mewmart. I last wrote a team report in 2015 after my Top 32 finish at the inaugural Singapore Nationals Championships. It feels really surreal to once again be able to share with the community my thoughts, reflections, and insight on the VGC 2017 season thus far. Continue reading “Ballooning with the Hiao Lele – Oceania Internationals 2017 Top 32 Report”

Enter the Sandman – Top 8 SG Open and Top 4 KL Open Team Report



Hi y’all, I’m Ryan Loh, also known as ‘opkil’. I’m back in the circuit after taking a break during the VGC16 season.

I’ve honestly never been a particularly amazing player. If you’d use TVTropes to describe me as a player, I’d be the guy Overshadowed by Awesome. In the 2015 season, we had the Singaporean greats like Wai Yin and Kenny. I was never amazing, but I thought myself to be pretty good. I missed my chance at Worlds in 2016 when I skipped the format with a 200 CP bar, making me pretty much one of the few veterans/founding members to never have gone to Worlds as a competitor.

After watching the finals of Worlds 2016, I resolved to change that this season.

(This post won’t be filled with war-stories, just a good break down of my team.) Continue reading “Enter the Sandman – Top 8 SG Open and Top 4 KL Open Team Report”

EXTREME MEME — 2nd place Singapore Open 2016 team

I’m Nicholas Ong, and I placed 2nd (whether or not this position was deserved is up for debate, actually not really :^) ) at the first VGC17 event in Singapore, the Singapore Open 2016, with what could possibly be called the worst team in VGC history second only to Yveltal-Groudon, and maybe bulky Xerneas teams. Speaks volumes about teambuilding in Singapore, doesn’t it? But I’ll get to that later. Continue reading “EXTREME MEME — 2nd place Singapore Open 2016 team”