Perseverance does pay off – A Malaysian Regional’s Champion Report

Justin Lok, back again with another team report, after I placed Top 4 in the most recent Malaysia Open, and Champion in the Malaysian Regionals.

The team has not changed much since my previous endeavour in Melbourne, but the minor changes seem to have been enough to push my performance beyond what I’m used to. I’ll be giving insight into the team (some of it repeated from my previous report so please bear with me ><), and taking you through my journey in the Malaysian Regionals (to the best of my memory) Continue reading “Perseverance does pay off – A Malaysian Regional’s Champion Report”

Ballooning with the Hiao Lele – Oceania Internationals 2017 Top 32 Report


Greetings to all, I’m Martin Tan, also known among my peers in the Singapore VGC community as mewmart. I last wrote a team report in 2015 after my Top 32 finish at the inaugural Singapore Nationals Championships. It feels really surreal to once again be able to share with the community my thoughts, reflections, and insight on the VGC 2017 season thus far. Continue reading “Ballooning with the Hiao Lele – Oceania Internationals 2017 Top 32 Report”

Enter the Sandman – Top 8 SG Open and Top 4 KL Open Team Report



Hi y’all, I’m Ryan Loh, also known as ‘opkil’. I’m back in the circuit after taking a break during the VGC16 season.

I’ve honestly never been a particularly amazing player. If you’d use TVTropes to describe me as a player, I’d be the guy Overshadowed by Awesome. In the 2015 season, we had the Singaporean greats like Wai Yin and Kenny. I was never amazing, but I thought myself to be pretty good. I missed my chance at Worlds in 2016 when I skipped the format with a 200 CP bar, making me pretty much one of the few veterans/founding members to never have gone to Worlds as a competitor.

After watching the finals of Worlds 2016, I resolved to change that this season.

(This post won’t be filled with war-stories, just a good break down of my team.) Continue reading “Enter the Sandman – Top 8 SG Open and Top 4 KL Open Team Report”

Theron Ho – The Singapore vs Taiwan Report

Hi all, this is my report for the Singapore vs Taiwan international friendly tournament, which was played using the VGC’14+ format (VGC’14 with ORAS move tutors available). I ended the tournament with a score of 2-2 – while it was the joint-highest amongst the Singaporeans (come on guys we can do much better than that x_x), I was hoping to do better. Still, the experience from the tournament was invaluable in giving me some insight into not only my team, but also my playstyle and quirks as a player. Continue reading “Theron Ho – The Singapore vs Taiwan Report”