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About our stream

The Mirage Island streams selected matches from local grassroots events as well as officially sanctioned events such as Premier Challenges, Midseason Showdowns, special events (i.e. Singapore Open) and Regional Championships! Tune in to watch the live broadcast as they are made available on stream.

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Stream from the 2018 Singapore Open 2 (15 Oct 2018)

Stream Director

TAN Zong Ying
Singapore VG Tournament Organizer
Stream Director & Producer, The Mirage Island

With more than four years of experience directing and casting tournament matches in Singapore, Zong Ying takes the helm of The Mirage Island’s stream production team and has been casting for the community since 2015.  From the designing of stream layouts and transitions to the development of code to aid in his own production, Zong Ying takes pride in his work and regularly maintains the quality of production to his highest personal standards.

Commentators and casters


Matthew HUI
Editor & Commentator, The Mirage Island


Justin LOK
Commentator, The Mirage Island

Commentator, The Mirage Island

Martin TAN
Commentator, The Mirage Island

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