Hall of Fame (2010-2018)

Pokémon World Championships

In 2015, Singapore became part of the Play! Pokémon program, giving local players the opportunity to earn invitations to complete at the Pokémon World Championships.

The following members have earned invitations in their respective age divisions and were representing Singapore at the Pokémon World Championships.

2015 2018 Pokémon World Championships

2018Melvin KEHMastersDay 2 (Top 16)
2018Wei Wen ANGMastersDay 2 (44th)
2018Yoko TAGUMAMastersDay 2 (60th)
2018Chelsea TANMastersDay 2
2018Alan CHIAMastersDay 1
2018Benjamin TANMastersDay 1
2018Matthew HUIMastersDay 1
2018Rayne TAYMastersDay 1
2018Shawn TANGMastersDay 1
2018Wai Yin LOWMastersDay 1
2018Wilson FOONGMastersDay 1
2018Zach KELLYSeniorDay 2 (Top 8)
2018Connor YUENJuniorDay 2 (Top 16)
2018Morgan Lola YUENJuniorDay 2 (Top 32)
2017Melvin KEHMastersDay 2 (37th)
2017Nelson LIMMastersDay 2 (67th)
2017Benjamin TANMastersDay 2 (68th)
2017Bryan WONGMastersDay 1
2017Justin LOKMastersDay 1
2017Martin TANMastersDay 1
2017Martin TEOMastersDay 1
2017Ryan CHIAMMastersDay 1
2017Reuven TANMastersDay 1
2017Ryan LOH JunjieMastersDay 1
2017Su Gi CHANDRANMastersDay 1
2017Yoko TAGUMAMastersDay 1
2017CHIA Ming ZeSeniorDay 2
2017Kester TEHSeniorDay 2
2017Matthias LOONGSeniorDay 2
2017Corey YUENJuniorDay 2 (Top 8)
2016Johnathan CHIANGMastersDay 2 (76th)
2016Amirulhusnii MOHAMADMastersDay 1
2016Bryan TANMastersDay 1
2016Bryan WONGMastersDay 1
2016Derrick LI Ling YiMastersDay 1
2016Emil NGMastersDay 1
2016FAM AnMastersDay 1
2016GUAN Yang ZeMastersDay 1
2016Isaac LAMMastersDay 1
2016Joseph TONGMastersDay 1
2016LEE Yong Hwee, KennyMastersDay 1
2016Melvin KEHMastersDay 1
2016Nelson LIMMastersDay 1
2016Nicholas NGMastersDay 1
2016POH Yu JieMastersDay 1
2016Reuven TANMastersDay 1
2016Ronald SEETMastersDay 1
2016Ryan CHIAMMastersDay 1
2016Shawn TANGMastersDay 1
2016Vishal DHARSHANMastersDay 1
2016Wei Wen ANGMastersDay 1
2016Wilson FOONGMastersDay 1
2016Yoko TAGUMAMastersDay 1
2016Zulherryka YUSOFMastersDay 1
2016TANG Teck MengSeniorDay 2
2016Zijing CHAKSeniorDay 1
2016Corey YUENJuniorDay 2 (Top 8)
2015Theron HO KailunMastersDay 2 (23rd)
2015Wai Yin LOWMastersDay 2 (36th)
2015Zulherryka YUSOFMastersDay 2 (50th)
2015LEE Yong Hwee, KennyMastersDay 1
2015Shawn TANGMastersDay 1
2015Jaryl CHANMastersDay 1
2015POH Yu JieMastersDay 1
2015Chelsea TANSeniorDay 2 (56th)
2015Corey YUENJuniorDay 2 (Top 16)

Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQ)

Prior to 2015, invitations to the Pokémon World Championships could only be obtained via the LCQ, a single elimination tournament with a top 4 cut-off. The following players earned their invitations and qualified via the LCQ:





2014 Pokémon World Championships

18th place
Senior Division

2013 Pokémon World Championships

41st place
Masters Division


Road to World Championships (2015)

The following events are officially sanctioned tournaments which award Championship Points (CPs) as part of a qualification system for players to earn invitations to the prestigious Pokémon Video Game World Championships. These tournaments are highly competitive in nature and players who do well in these tournaments tend to demonstrate a strong showing of strength and skill.

National Championships

The following players have made it to the top 8 single elimination phase of all National Championships that were held in Singapore.

(1st place)
(2nd place)
Top 4
(3rd, 4th place)
Top 8
(5th - 8th place)
27 - 28 Jun 2015 (Sat - Sun)2015 Asia VG National ChampionshipsZarif Ayman [MY]Zulkerryha YusofCheung Ka Hin [HK]
Philip Nguyen [AU]
Low Wai Yin
Poh Yu Jie
Hin Yuen Nga [HK]
Jaryl Chan

Regional Championships

The following players have made it to the top 8 single elimination phase of all Regional Championships that were held in Singapore.

(1st place)
(2nd place)
Top 4
(3rd, 4th place)
Top 8
(5th - 8th place)
23 May 2015 (Sat)2015 Singapore VG Regional ChampionshipsLee Yong HweeNicholas OngTheron Ho
Yoko Taguma [TW]
Ling Yee Siu [HK]
Justin Lok
Shawn Tang
Vignesh Unnithan

Premier Challenges

The following players have made it to the top 8 single elimination phase of all the Premier Challenges that were held in Singapore.

(1st place)
(2nd place)
Top 4
(3rd, 4th place)
Top 8
(5th - 8th place)
12 Sep 2015 (Sat)SG Sceptile #1Melvin KehNicholas NgPoh Yu Jie
Johnathan Chiang
24 May 2015 (Sun)SG Omega #4Isaac LamWang Zi XuanJonathan Chiang
Low Kit Meng
Eugene Tan
Low Wai Yin
Matthew Hui
Goutham Jayaraman
09 May 2015 (Sat)SG Omega #3Nelson LimLee Yong HweeDaniel Lee
Max Goh
Eugene Tan
Fam An
Romeo Redelicia [PH]
Shawn Tang
28 Mar 2015 (Sat)SG Omega #2Lee Yong HweeNelson LimJaryl Chan
Jonas Chow
Fam An
Low Wai Yin
Poh Yu Jie
Theron Ho Kailun
01 Mar 2015 (Sun)SG Omega #1Theron Ho KailunLow Wai YinLee Yong Hwee
Ryan Chiam
Ang Rui Xiang, Allen
Ang Wei Wen
Eugene Tan
Reuven Tan
10 Jan 2015 (Sat)SG Alpha #2
(Asia Cup Last Chance Qualifiers SG)
Lee Yong HweeLow Wai YinDerrick Li
Justin Lok
Bryan Wong
Daniel Lee
Poh Yu Jie
Ryan Chiam
03 Jan 2015 (Sat)SG Alpha #1
(Asia Cup Qualifiers SG)
Guan Yang ZeMax GohLow Wai Yin
Theron Ho Kailun
Jaryl Chan
Lee Yong Hwee
Melvin Keh
Yuan Chen

Other Accomplishments

The following lists achievements of players from our local VG community in overseas or non-local sanctioned tournaments.

06 Jun 2015 (Sat)2015 Australia VG National ChampionshipsMelbourne, AustraliaFinalist - Theron Ho
Top 16 - Eugene Tan
Top 32 - Lee Yong Hwee, Matthew Hui, Reuven Tan
Top 64 - Justin Lok, Low Wai Yin, Shawn Tang, Skyler Guo
31 May 2015 (Sun)2015 Malaysia VG Regional ChampionshipsPetaling Jaya, Selangor, MalaysiaMY Regional Champion - Low Wai Yin
Top 4 - Ryan Loh
Top 8 - Lee Yong Hwee, Jaryl Chan
26 Apr 2015 (Sun)2015 Perth VG Regional ChampionshipsPerth, AustraliaTop 4 - Lee Yong Hwee
Top 32 - Low Wai Yin
25 Apr 2015 (Sat)2015 Premier Challenge @ RetroPerth, AustraliaChampion - Low Wai Yin
14 Mar 2015 (Sat)Premier Challenge OmegaPetaling Jaya, Selangor, MalaysiaChampion - Lee Yong Hwee
Runner-up - Theron Ho Kailun
Top 4 - Jaryl Chan
Top 8 - Ang Wei Wen, Jonas Chow
24 Jan 2015 (Sat)Premier Challenge Alpha
(Asia Cup Qualifiers MY)
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, MalaysiaChampion - Low Wai Yin
Runner-up - Ryan Chiam
Top 4 - Eugene Tan
Top 8 - Amir Rafie, Theron Ho Kailun, Ryan Loh
13 Oct 2013 (Sun)2014 VG Autumn Regional ChampionshipsPleasanton, CA, USATop 32 - Shawn Tang

Elite Four Tournaments

The following players have held the title of Elite Four during their respective VGC seasons. The Elite Fours are the top 4 players that were crowed during the Elite Four Tournaments held during the June holidays of 2011, 2012 and 2014.

2014 TRVG Elite Four

Nelson Lim Theron Ho Kailun Melvin Keh Low Wai Yin
nelsonlim theronho2014 melvinkeh2014 lowwaiyin2014
There was no Elite Four Tournament in 2013.

2012 TRVG Elite Four

Eugene Tan Nelson Lim Low Kit Meng Wei Xiao Liang
eugenetan2012 nelsonlim kitmeng xiaoliang

2011 TRVG Elite Four

Matthew Hui Shawn Tang Theron Ho Kailun Ryan Loh
matthewhui shawntang2011 theronho2011


End-of-year Tournaments

While these events held during the November/December holidays are generally on a smaller scale due to lack of titles on the line, they are equally fine demonstrations of the strengths of the trainers who triumph in them.

2014 – Pokémon XY Farewell Tournament

  • Champion: Low Wai Yin
  • Runner-up: Goutham Jayaraman
  • 3rd place: Guan Yang Ze
  • 4th place: Daniel Lee

2013 – GE3 Double Battle Championships

  • Champion: Theron Ho
  • Runner-up: Poh Yu Jie
  • 3rd place: Lee Jian En
  • 4th place: Wilson Choo

2012 –  Southeast Asian Regional Video Game Tournament

  • Champion: Low Kit Meng
  • Runner-up: Nelson Lim
  • Semi-finalists: Eugene Tan and Wilson Choo

2011 –  Pokémon NDS Winner’s Cup Tournament

  • Champion: Ryan Chiam
  • Runner-up: Skyler Guo
  • Semi-finalists: Nelson Lim and Fabian Ng

2010 – NDS Pokémon Christmas Bash Tournament

  • Champion: Andrew Neo
  • Runner-up: Ang Rui Xiang
  • 3rd place: Aidil Aqmal


Regional Tournaments

PKMN Asia Cup

The PKMN Asia Cup is a grassroots cross-nation tournament which started in the days of Pokémon X/Y in 2014. The tournament is a collaboration between the community leaders of 8 Asian countries (Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan), which aims to host the largest, unofficial Pokémon Video Game Tournament within the region. This event will have qualifiers to determine the best few players to represent their country to fight against the best players from Asia.

2014 – Asia Cup, Singapore Qualifiers

  • Champion: Max Goh
  • Runner-up: Ryan Chiam
  • Semi-finalists: Jim Chu and Low Kit Meng
  • Top 8:  Lum Jun Jie, Ong Pang Wen, Nelson Lim and Jaryl Chan

2014 – Asia Cup, Regional Qualifiers (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines)

  • 7th place: Max Goh
  • 8th place: Low Kit Meng
  • 9th place: Nelson Lim
  • 10th place: Jaryl Chan
  • 11th place: Lum Jun Jie


World Championships LCQ representatives

2014 – Washington, D.C.


Masters Division

  • Ang Wei Wen
  • Theron Ho (LCQ Top 32)
  • Matthew Hui
  • Shang Loh
  • Soon Aik Ng
  • Tan Zong Ying
  • Shawn Tang

Senior Division

  • Poh Yu Jie (qualified for 2014 World Championships)

2013 – Vancouver, British Colombia


Masters Division

  • Matthew Hui
  • Theodora Hui
  • Wesley Kam
  • Isaac Lam
  • Nelson Lim (LCQ Top 32)
  • Low Wai Yin (qualified for 2014 World Championships)
  • Eugene Tan (LCQ Top 8)

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