Singapore Nationals 2016 Preview


After a gruelling 2016 season that for some started all the way back at the Boston Open in August 2015, VGC in Singapore reaches its apex with the National Championships to be held at ITE College Central on June 25-26. The stakes have been raised, with a veritable bounty of physical prizes and championship points on offer, and the player base has responded in kind. Judging by online pre-registration, Singapore Nationals looks set to be the biggest ever VGC event held in Southeast Asia, with participants from at least eight countries set to attend. Continue reading “Singapore Nationals 2016 Preview”

VGC 2015 Singapore Nationals Preview

With only a few hours left to Asia’s first ever National Championships tournament, the second and last in the Asia Pacific zone as a whole, things are shaping up in what promises to be one of the most intense battlegrounds within the region. Players from various countries including Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand will converge at ITE College Central, Singapore, on 27 – 28 June 2015 to battle it out for the title of Asia’s National Champion. Held in conjunction with Campus Game Fest, players will duke it out in intense best-of-three matches over two days to determine who finally earns an invite to play in the 2015 Pokémon World Championships held at Boston, Massachusetts, USA, on 21 – 23 August 2015. Continue reading “VGC 2015 Singapore Nationals Preview”

VGC 2015 Singapore Regionals Preview

With the conclusion of Singapore’s 5th Premier Challenge last Saturday (09 May 2015) and Singapore’s first VG Regional Championships taking place this weekend (23 May 2015), the metagame in Singapore is shaping up and looking intense as players prepare to play in one of the most highly anticipated events in all of South-East Asia. Players will be competing for that coveted prize of 120 Championship Points (CPs) to springboard themselves near the top of the Asia Pacific CP leaderboards, in order to earn themselves one of the 18 invitations to the 2015 Pokemon World Championships.

In today’s article, we’ll get a glimpse of what to expect for South-East Asia’s first Regionals event by reflecting on the previous half of the VGC season. With that, let’s begin by looking at how the metagame has evolved during the VG season in Singapore. Continue reading “VGC 2015 Singapore Regionals Preview”