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Waddup I’m Nicholas Ong, my life is a joke and honestly I don’t even know why I’m making this stupid guide, but it’s probably because of the fact that I honestly am starting to get sick of this game. RNG keeps screwing me over, and yes, I’ve been keeping track. You’d think I’d be jaded by now – and I am, so this is me feeding off what are probably the last drops of my passion for this moronic game, which is plagued by an equally moronic competitive player base. You could call this a preservation of my knowledge, a legacy to leave behind? Man, that was emasculating to type. To hell with it, if you’re willing to learn or seek new, objective perspectives on this game, then read on. Continue reading “No Bullshit – How to play VGC”

Battle analysis – VGC15 Omega Series PC 1 Semifinals: Theron Ho vs. Ryan Chiam

Game 1

Team Preview

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My Team: Charizard Y / Cresselia / Suicune / Venusaur / Terrakion / Scizor

Theron’s Team: Thundurus / Sylveon / Kangaskhan / Bisharp / Terrakion / Gengar

I did not go for my usual lead of Charizard and Cresselia as I was afraid of Theron’s Mega Gengar and Taunt Thundurus. I decided to lead with Suicune/Charizard Y as Suicune could also perform speed control in the form of Tailwind without relying on Cresselia’s Thunder Wave. Terrakion was a mandatory pick since it could deal with opposing Kangashkan, Thundurus and Bisharp. Scizor was picked over Venusaur as its priority moves had greater utility.

Turn 1

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Seeing Theron’s leads was dreadful as Thundurus hard counters Suicune. I was thinking about who to nuke with Charizard Y’s Overheat as both Pokemon were equally threatening. I picked Gengar as I needed to get rid of it ASAP if I wanted to be able to switch freely. I was also worried about whether my Overheat could OHKO Theron’s Thundurus as I was not sure whether it was running a bulky spread or not. Thus, I went with the safer choice of targeting Gengar. I then Ice Beamed with Suicune as I predicted the Taunt from Thundurus attempting to prevent my Tailwind from going up.

Turn 2

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Gengar fainted and Terrakion came in, exerting even more offensive pressure along with Thundurus. I switched out Charizard to conserve it for later and was wondering if I should switch in Terrakion or Scizor. I needed Terrakion for the late game so I switched in Scizor as a sacrifice to take the Thunderbolt/Rock Slide. I knew my Suicune could take a Thunderbolt at least once so I chose to go for the Scald onto Terrakion. Terrakion Protected and my Scizor took damage. Overall, it was not a good turn for me as Theron outpredicted me. I knew I needed to get rid of Terrakion ASAP as my Charizard could survive a Thunderbolt if necessary, but definitely not a rock slide from Terrakion.

Turn 3

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I protected with Scizor to try to let it survive for another turn, which was a risky play because if Theron had targeted Suicune instead, my turn would have been wasted. I then went for the Scald onto Terrakion as it was a major threat to my team. Theron predicted the Scald and switched it out for Bisharp, taking minimal damage from Scald due to the sun. My own weather, working against me. In retrospect, I should have just let my Scizor faint so that my Terrakion could get a free switch in to threaten Thundurus.

Turn 4

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I was severely punished this turn for letting my Scizor survive and pushing myself into a defensive position. I tried to go for the Tailwind to attempt to create momentum for my team. However it backfired when Thundurus Taunted my Suicune. I also made the wrong choice of action for Scizor as I forgot to take Bisharp’s speed into account. In retrospect, I should have gone for Bullet Punch to get some chip damage off as Scizor would have fainted this turn no matter what.

Turn 5

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I switched in Terrakion as it threatened both of my opponent’s Pokemon simultaneously. I went for the Rock Slide onto Thundurus and a Scald onto the Bisharp. I did not choose to double target Thundurus as I thought Rock Slide would be enough to KO. I chose Rock Slide to KO Thundurus as I was predicting Theron to Protect with Bisharp and Suicune would be able to deal with Bisharp later with Scald.

Turn 6

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I was in a very bad position here with a Taunted Suicune and a paralysed Terrakion. I knew both my Suicune and Terrakion could take a hit and Terrakion had Focus Sash. As mentioned earlier, Thundurus was a huge threat to me so I went for the Scald onto it. Even if Bisharp had decided to Iron Head my Terrakion, it would still have been able to survive with Focus Sash. Fortunately, my Terrakion was able to move and Close Combat Bisharp for the KO.

Turn 7

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Now it was his Terrakion against my Suicune and paralysed Terrakion. For me to win this, my Terrakion would have needed to not be fully paralysed on this turn. My Terrakion managed to pull off the Close Combat but to my dismay, the opposing Terrakion hung on with its Focus Sash.

Turn 8-10

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Paraflinch hax got the best of me and I lost this set, Charizard Y being unable to do anything against Terrakion.

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