No Bullshit – How to play VGC

Waddup I’m Nicholas Ong, my life is a joke and honestly I don’t even know why I’m making this stupid guide, but it’s probably because of the fact that I honestly am starting to get sick of this game. RNG keeps screwing me over, and yes, I’ve been keeping track. You’d think I’d be jaded by now – and I am, so this is me feeding off what are probably the last drops of my passion for this moronic game, which is plagued by an equally moronic competitive player base. You could call this a preservation of my knowledge, a legacy to leave behind? Man, that was emasculating to type. To hell with it, if you’re willing to learn or seek new, objective perspectives on this game, then read on. Continue reading “No Bullshit – How to play VGC”

TMI Plays Flash Clash – Analysis and Reports


The Flash Clash Online Competition on the Pokemon Global Link had a very different, yet extremely fun format for players bored of the standard singles and doubles battles. This online competition carried similar restrictions to that of flat battles, with Mythical Pokemon and Soul Dew not allowed. However, Flash Clash is unique in being a 1 vs 1 format, where players have only 30 seconds in Team Preview to choose their one Pokemon out of six to battle, and 10 seconds for every move. To go with the quick timers, players were also not allowed to hold Mega Stones or Focus Sash on their Pokemon. Unlike in flat battles, Pokemon were automatically levelled to 50, ensuring that there would be no L1 Aron/Magnemite shenanigans. Continue reading “TMI Plays Flash Clash – Analysis and Reports”

Looking ahead to VGC’16 – The Winners and Losers

Use of the amazing art above owes credit to Devianart user ishmam


The rules for 2016’s Pokémon VGC season have finally been made known to the public, and seem to have horrified just about everyone not named Ryan Loh and Max Goh. It’s a massive break from the formats we’ve gotten cosy with over the years, unleashing the titans traditionally termed ‘Ubers’ by competitive players, which, much like the business model of the similarly-named taxi service, are Pokémon (almost) all horrifyingly broken in their own right.

Like it or not, these new rules are probably here to stay, especially for those looking to pay San Fran a visit this coming August. TPCi’s decision is a contentious one, and has been widely criticised for only further breaking a game which has already left players CHALK-bored from its lack of variety. Whether or not the new rules will aid with the desired diversification of VGC remains to be seen, and is a question that will probably only be answered much later in the season, when the metagame matures from the current period of temperamental, teenage-girl-esque volatility created by these radical changes. What is certain for now is that 2016’s metagame will be starkly different from anything we’ve ever seen before, and here’s my take on some of the tectonic (pun intended) shifts we’ll be seeing soon. Continue reading “Looking ahead to VGC’16 – The Winners and Losers”