Soft Launch of The Mirage Island

It has been more than four years since that fateful day, where atop Tampines Mall, the final match of the 2010 Pokémon Christmas Bash Tournament reached its conclusion. Torrential rain poured from the skies above Kyogre, though the injured Garchomp across it remained unfazed. Kyogre was, after all, deep in slumber. Finally, with confident instructions from its trainer, Garchomp’s claws grazed Kyogre’s body, striking a fatal blow: Kyogre, the last of its trainer’s healthy Pokémon, collapsed and was recalled back into its Poke Ball, and a winner was decided. The sound of applause and cheering immediately followed.

Back in the corner, Ryan Loh got up from his seat and nodded at the tournament organizer, Ng Soon Aik. Having witnessed more than just a good match, but rather the gathering of a small group of competitive Pokémon fans, the two hatched a plan, and Team Robo Video Games was formed. Even though the match was over, the fires of competitive play in Singapore had only just been lit.

We’ve come a long way since then. From our beginnings as a small group huddled in the dimly-lit corners of E2Max, we’ve manage not only to grow in size and influence, but we’ve managed to improve our game and host a series of national tournaments such as the 2013 GE3 and the 2014 Elite Four Challenge. We’ve established our Elite Fours as respected figures in the community, crowned Matthew (2011), Eugene (2012) and Nelson (2014) as Champions, and can boast about our players Wai Yin and Yu Jie for having made it to the World Championships in the 2013 Masters and 2014 Senior divisions respectively.

We’re proud of what our players have accomplished and would like to honour their achievements, but at the same time we have bigger opportunities headed our way and we’d like to think about where we’re headed in the near future. Continue reading “Soft Launch of The Mirage Island”

TRVG Event Schedule for 2014 Season 4 (Oct – Dec)

The last quarter of the year 2014 marks the beginning of many new changes, the most notable of all being the release of ORAS on 21 Nov (Fri) and the transition towards these games at the end of the year as part of the official 2014-15 VGC season. In anticipation of this change, a new string of in-house tournaments have been planned for the quarter, and some new implements will be rolled out in the near future to improve the player experience in our in-house tournaments. Continue reading “TRVG Event Schedule for 2014 Season 4 (Oct – Dec)”