Battle Factory Draft @ Campus Game Fest

Are you a Pokémon fan looking to try out competitive battling for the very first time?

Or are you a seasoned veteran looking to test your ability to adapt to your opponent’s decisions and build teams on the fly?

The Battle Factory Draft welcomes one and all to a game of perfect information, where all players start equal. No console or game is required to join, and entry is free.

In this MOBA-inspired custom format, two players will match wits as they build teams from a carefully curated (most of the time) box of 30 Pokémon, before clashing in a double battle.

Will you make choices that advance your own strategy? Or will you focus on stopping your opponents by taking the best counters to the Pokémon they select? You might need a little bit of both to come out on top!

8 players can join each draft tournament, which will be held every 2 hours from 10am-8pm on both Sat and Sun, and prizes such as Pokémon Centre plushies await the winners.

There will also be a Pokémon GO Great League tournament on Saturday Aug 3 at 12 noon, and a 6v6 OU Singles tournament on Sunday Aug 4 at 12 noon.

Head down to Campus Game Fest at the Singapore Indoor Stadium and have a great time with us!

Draft Format

Double Battle, Nintendo 3DS Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Disclaimer: This  is not a format that is affiliated with the official Play! Pokémon competitive programme.

3DS Consoles and games will be provided by the organisers.

At the start of each round, players will be given 5 minutes to study the contents of the prepared box of 30 Pokémon. Players may take notes and ask the judge questions on moves/abilities/items/etc.

Players will then take turns to “ban” (make a Pokémon unusable by both players) and “pick” (choose a Pokémon for their team, which their opponent cannot choose) Pokémon until both players have a team of 6 Pokémon. Each individual ban/pick decision will be given 30 seconds.

Players will compete in a best-of-1 match using double battle flat rules (out of your team of 6, you choose 4 to bring into battle; with each player having 2 Pokémon on the field at a time).

Draft Tournament Structure

8 players in each tournament slot.

3 rounds of Swiss (everyone will get to play 3 matches, even if you lose your first match)

The player with the best record at the end of 3 rounds will win Pokémon merchandise.

Draft Registration

Draft tournaments will be held every 2 hours, at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm on both Saturday Aug 3 and Sunday Aug 4. Walk-in registration opens on-site 30 minutes before each tournament begins (i.e. 11.30am for the noon tournament).

Registration for each tournament is capped at 8 players. If there are more than 8 interested participants, priority will be given to those who have not yet participated.

Preregistration is available ( for half of the tournament slots, with the other 4 slots reserved for walk-in participants. You may only preregister for ONE time slot, though you may of course register for other tournaments if you are at the venue when registration opens and there is space.

Please be present at least 15 minutes before your preregistered time slot (ie 11.45am for the noon tournament), or your spot will be forfeited.

Side Tournament Information

6v6 Singles OU Aug 3

Are you familiar with Smogon University’s Overused (OU) format for competitive Pokémon singles battles? For a chance to experience battles in person, head down to Campus Game Fest and battle like-minded players using your Nintendo 3DS!

Preregister at (

Registration: 12-1pm on-site (Capped at 16 players)

Rules: Smogon OU (

Swiss rounds will be played (everyone will get to play a fixed number of rounds depending on the total number of participants).

The player with the best record at the end of the Swiss rounds will win Pokémon merchandise.

Pokémon GO Great League Aug 4

Are you an avid Pokémon GO player keen to pit your skills against others in PvP battles? Head down to Campus Game Fest for a chance to meet like-minded players and also have fun!

Preregister at (

Registration: 12-1pm on-site (Capped at 16 players)

Great League: Max CP 1,500

Swiss rounds will be played (everyone will get to play a fixed number of rounds depending on the total number of participants).

The player with the best record at the end of the Swiss rounds will win Pokémon merchandise.

About The Mirage Island

The Mirage Island is a community of competitive Pokémon video game players in Singapore.

Around since 2010, we aim to provide a conducive environment for players to grow and develop their skills in the competitive aspect of Pokémon battling, as well as an avenue for like-minded players to discuss and share Pokémon-related information with each other.

If you are keen to learn more about VGC, or just looking for company to discuss the mechanics of the latest Pokémon games, do join us at our Facebook discussion group and follow our Instagram page!

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