No Bullshit – How to play VGC

Waddup I’m Nicholas Ong, my life is a joke and honestly I don’t even know why I’m making this stupid guide, but it’s probably because of the fact that I honestly am starting to get sick of this game. RNG keeps screwing me over, and yes, I’ve been keeping track. You’d think I’d be jaded by now – and I am, so this is me feeding off what are probably the last drops of my passion for this moronic game, which is plagued by an equally moronic competitive player base. You could call this a preservation of my knowledge, a legacy to leave behind? Man, that was emasculating to type. To hell with it, if you’re willing to learn or seek new, objective perspectives on this game, then read on. Continue reading “No Bullshit – How to play VGC”

EXTREME MEME — 2nd place Singapore Open 2016 team

I’m Nicholas Ong, and I placed 2nd (whether or not this position was deserved is up for debate, actually not really :^) ) at the first VGC17 event in Singapore, the Singapore Open 2016, with what could possibly be called the worst team in VGC history second only to Yveltal-Groudon, and maybe bulky Xerneas teams. Speaks volumes about teambuilding in Singapore, doesn’t it? But I’ll get to that later. Continue reading “EXTREME MEME — 2nd place Singapore Open 2016 team”