Perseverance does pay off – A Malaysian Regional’s Champion Report

Justin Lok, back again with another team report, after I placed Top 4 in the most recent Malaysia Open, and Champion in the Malaysian Regionals.

The team has not changed much since my previous endeavour in Melbourne, but the minor changes seem to have been enough to push my performance beyond what I’m used to. I’ll be giving insight into the team (some of it repeated from my previous report so please bear with me ><), and taking you through my journey in the Malaysian Regionals (to the best of my memory) Continue reading “Perseverance does pay off – A Malaysian Regional’s Champion Report”

Justin Lok – Australia Nationals 2015

Hai, my name is Justin Lok and this is my report on Australia Nationals 2015 at Melbourne. I was part of a small contingent from Singapore, attempting to compete for Championship Points (CPs). Honestly though, the reasons why I joined in on the journey were two-fold. One, most of the people going were people who I considered close friends, at the very least, friends that I was excited to go on an overseas trip with. Secondly, the competitive Pokemon scene in Singapore has been especially brutal. Since the player pool is smaller, the chances of being faced with stronger players are much higher. On top of that, said players are more often than not my friends, who are able to read my playstyle and consistently out-predict me. As a result, I have always considered myself a below-average player, and this trip was a trial by fire for me. Am I really unable to excel because of being surrounded by all the stronger players, or was I just inadequate as a player?

The result? I ended up 6-3, out of 9 gruelling best-of-three swiss rounds, placing #49 out of 321 masters. Although it would have been much better if I had placed higher, I personally felt pretty okay with the results. Continue reading “Justin Lok – Australia Nationals 2015”