Let the Sparks Fly! – Singapore Open Top 16 and MSS Champion VGC’17 Team Report

Hey guys,

Isaac Lam here again, dropping by one final time this year with a quick word on the final iteration of my Surge Offense team, which I used to finish in the Top 16 of the recent 2018 season Singapore Open I, and win its accompanying Mid-Season Showdown. If you haven’t read my previous report yet, do give it a look here – it explains the fundamentals and origins of the team, which I won’t touch on much today.

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Surfer’s Paradise is Balls! – Angbao Challenge Champion VGC’17 Season Report

Hey everyone, it’s editor cum contributor Isaac Lam here again. With the conclusion of Singapore’s third Mid-Season Showdown at the House of N event on 25th June, my VGC season and career have reached their ends, spurring me to write this summary of my season; an ode to possibly my favorite team of all time.

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Togedemaru and Juliet – Singapore MSS II 2017 Top 4 Report


Note: Report published by Isaac Lam on behalf of Chelsea Tan

Hey everyone, Chelsea Tan (@komalavgc) here. Recently, I finished Top 4 at the second Singapore Midseason Showdown. Since it is probably the last tournament I will be playing in for a while, I wanted to write a report to share my thoughts on the team I used. Continue reading “Togedemaru and Juliet – Singapore MSS II 2017 Top 4 Report”

Initial D.A. – Isaac and Ryan’s Post-Regionals Reports

Breaking from the traditional style of team reports, this piece is a combined effort from Singapore Regionals runner-up Ryan Chiam, and myself, winner of Singapore’s inaugural VGC’16 Premier Challenge. Ryan and I piloted teams which, in essence, functioned identically to each other in our best performances so far, revolving around the same core combining Mega Rayquaza and a Primal-centric Trick Room mode. While our performances at Regionals ultimately differed more than I would have liked, I think our experiences navigating a harsh, titan-infested metagame in its infancy will give everyone something to take home about the controversial ’16 format. Continue reading “Initial D.A. – Isaac and Ryan’s Post-Regionals Reports”

Looking ahead to VGC’16 – The Winners and Losers

Use of the amazing art above owes credit to Devianart user ishmam


The rules for 2016’s Pokémon VGC season have finally been made known to the public, and seem to have horrified just about everyone not named Ryan Loh and Max Goh. It’s a massive break from the formats we’ve gotten cosy with over the years, unleashing the titans traditionally termed ‘Ubers’ by competitive players, which, much like the business model of the similarly-named taxi service, are Pokémon (almost) all horrifyingly broken in their own right.

Like it or not, these new rules are probably here to stay, especially for those looking to pay San Fran a visit this coming August. TPCi’s decision is a contentious one, and has been widely criticised for only further breaking a game which has already left players CHALK-bored from its lack of variety. Whether or not the new rules will aid with the desired diversification of VGC remains to be seen, and is a question that will probably only be answered much later in the season, when the metagame matures from the current period of temperamental, teenage-girl-esque volatility created by these radical changes. What is certain for now is that 2016’s metagame will be starkly different from anything we’ve ever seen before, and here’s my take on some of the tectonic (pun intended) shifts we’ll be seeing soon. Continue reading “Looking ahead to VGC’16 – The Winners and Losers”

Making Pokemon Your Game – Reflections of a Rebel


Hey everyone, Isaac ‘Izzy’ Lam here. Most of you are probably familiar with who I am, but for those who don’t know, I’m one of The Mirage Island’s longest-participating members, having played competitive VGC as a part of Singapore’s community since the days of TRVG and Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, and contributed fairly actively to the community’s growth as an admin and tournament organiser. I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus recently, having just begun my National Service this year and being kept busy with BMT. Nevertheless I had what I would consider a hugely successful season this year, achieving my admittedly modest target of besting former champion and best buddy Nelson Lim in terms of CP. Continue reading “Making Pokemon Your Game – Reflections of a Rebel”