Who are we?

The Mirage Island is a community of competitive Pokémon video game players in Singapore.

Founded on 26 December 2010 as Team Robo Video Games (TRVG) and later re-named to The Mirage Island in April 2015, the community aims to provide a conducive environment for players to grow and develop their skills in the competitive aspect of Pokémon battling, as well as an avenue for like-minded players to discuss and share Pokémon-related information with each other.

Following Low Wai Yin’s (2013, Masters) and Poh Yu Jie’s (2014, Seniors) entry into the Pokémon World Championships via the Last Chance Qualifiers of their respective age divisions, Singapore was eventually inducted into the VG Play! Pokémon program in 2015, and our growing community of players has continued to strive for excellence in the competitive scene ever since.

If you are keen to learn more about VGC, or just looking for company to discuss the mechanics of the latest Pokémon games, do join us at our Facebook discussion group!

About our website

This website is intended to be an archive of local events (aside from our Facebook Page [The Mirage Island]) and an outlet for local players to pen their thoughts and have their written works published in the form of reports, articles and the like.

If you’re reading this and have got a creative piece which you would like to share, simply use this from to contact our editors and we’ll see what we can do.