Results of the 2015 Singapore vs Hong Kong International Friendly

In yet another series of international friendlies, 9 players from The Mirage Island represented Singapore and took on 9 Hong Kong players from the Hong Kong Pokemon World Tree (香港寵物小精靈世界樹) in a single best-of-three VGC ’15 match over the course of this weekend.  Despite ending in a total 0-9 defeat for our Singaporean players, much insight could be gleaned from the various tactics which were skilfully deployed by our Hong Kong counterparts, and fresh experiences with creative twists in a year-old metagame would nevertheless prove to be valuable for most of the players.

Event Details

Date & Time: 07 Nov 2015, 8.00pm (+8 GMT, SG time)
Venue: Online Wi-Fi
Format: VGC ’15

The event was jointly coordinated by Martin Tan & Ang Wei Wen from Singapore and Cyrus Or (who also fielded himself as a player) from Hong Kong.

Player Roster

In the weeks leading up to the friendly, Singapore and Hong Kong came up with selection methods to determine 9 players that would represent their own countries. Singapore held an online pre-qualifier tournament over the course of nearly 3 weeks, while Hong Kong picked the best-performing players from those who attended their local Premier Challenges. The results of the selection process culminates in the roster which you will see below, with teams that they fielded during the friendly.

Team Singapore

Player [SG]Team
Bryan Tan
Chelsea Tan
Justin Soh
Nicholas Ong
Poh Yu Jie
Reuven Tan
Ryan Chiam
Shang Loh
Wilson Foong

Team Hong Kong

Player [HK]Team
Chan Tsz Hei
Cyrus Or (柯紀賢)
Edward Cheung
Esmond Leung
Hugo Ng
Ivan Kwok
Travis Chu
Yat Ching Hung
Yuen Nga Hin

Pairings and Results

On 7 Nov, the friendly began and lasted for slightly over an hour, with three matches being played out every 20 minutes. Singaporean players gathered in a function room in Cecil Street to stream, battle and cheer on their fellow competitors, while the players from Hong Kong maintained a strong online presence from the comforts of their own homes.

At the end of the hour, the results were finalized and summarized in the following table:

Singaporevs.Hong Kong
Bryan Tan1-2Chan Tsz Hei
Chelsea Tan1-2Esmond Leung
Justin Soh1-2Ivan Kwok
Nicholas Ong
1-2Yuen Nga Hin
Poh Yu Jie1-2Travis Chu
Reuven Tan1-2Cyrus Or (柯紀賢)
Ryan Chiam0-2Hugo Ng
Shang Loh
0-2Edward Cheung
Wilson Foong1-2Yat Ching Hung
SingaporeGames: 7-18
Match: 0-9
Hong Kong wins!
Hong Kong

As previously mentioned, matches were streamed on our Twitch channel, with equipment provided by local tournament organizer Tan Zong Ying, and game commentary provided by Martin, Amir and Wei Wen. The 3 streamed matches have been conveniently included here, below.

Justin Soh [SG] vs. Ivan Kwok [HK]

Ryan Chiam [SG] vs. Hugo Ng [HK]

Chelsea Tan [SG] vs. Esmond Leung [HK]


All in all, our heartiest congratulations to Hong Kong for winning the friendly! Perhaps we’ll do better next time!


(Logo art by Tan Zong Ying. Follow at @Tan_ZYinG)