Results from the 2015 Asia National Championships

After 2 days of intense, gruelling battles (27-28 June 2015) at the first ever National Championships held in Asia, the results are finally in for the Top Cut of both Senior and Masters Division players. Congratulations to Zarif Ayman representing Malaysia as our Masters Division Champion and Tsai Chien-Chien representing Taiwan as our Senior Division Champion!

Here are the rest of the results:

Masters Division

  1. Zarif Ayman [MY]
  2. Zulherryka Yusof [SG]
  3. Edward Cheung Ka Hin [HK]
  4. Phillip Nguyen [AU]
  5. Low Wai Yin [SG]
  6. Poh Yu Jie [SG]
  7. Hin Yuen Nga [HK]
  8. Jaryl Chan [SG]

Senior Division

  1. Tsai Chien-Chien [TW]
  2. Chelsea Tan [SG]
  3. Edward Ang [ID]
  4. Nigel Tan [SG]

Junior Division

  1. Hamish Davidson [AU]
  2. Corey Elliot Yuen [SG]