Results of the 2015 PKMN Asia Cup

The 2015 PKMN Asia Cup ended yesterday, and judging by the results the future looks bright for VGC in (non-Japan/Korea) Asia! Snatching the crown from the Japanese, powerhouses such as Scar and Bicho among them, was Taiwan’s Tsao Che Ming, with his interpretation of the well-known DD Megamence + Follow Me combination.

The Singaporean contingent performed well too, putting in a solid improvement from last year. Derrick and Yoko piloted their favourite Jellicent and Mega Abomasnow teams to a 2-3 finish, Shawn at 3-2 reaffirmed his chemistry with Mega Metagross, Melvin also 3-2ing with a (standard kanga + double genies? idk i didnt watch his battles) team before falling in the last Swiss round to the eventual champion, and lastly Yong Hwee, TOP CUTTING with the same team he has been destroying all the PCs in recent memory with!

With that, many fun and intense days of competitive Pokemon in the Asia Cup series this year have ended. Thanks to everyone involved, the organisers, the streamers and venue hosts and most importantly the enthusiastic players that have made it a success!

– Zong Ying